Clifton - Cape Town - South Africa

3153377476_67cdd440cb Clifton is an affluent area. Home to the most expensive Real Estate in South Africa.

With 4 famous beaches, many famous residents and 1 famous road – Nettleton Road – it is only a very priveleged few who get to call the suburb of Clifton in Cape Town, Home.

Due to the scarce supply of land in the area, ongoing high demand for “priceless and cannot be replaced” properties with strict building restrictions, Clifton is also an ideal investment opportunity. Prices have only escalated since the bungalows of old were brought on to the open market (previously these were on 99 year leases, some at R1 per year and lovingly lived in by WW2 veterans.)

Consider the following: 5 properties in Nettleton Road are currently appraised at a combined value of R370 Million.